Clock Multiplier?

Very good work, well done!
I am already very impressed with the possibilities of the beast.
The features that I would like to see in addition to make it a centerpiece of my setup would be more possibilities on clock handling.

_a clock multiplier, mirroring the divider.
_more timescales in the repeater, we rarely find 5 or 7 divisions in hardware sequencers.

love and polyrhythm

Yup. Clock multiplier is exactly what I’m looking for. Could be great.

Just registered to ask about whether such a feature would be possible?

I’m looking to take a 4/4 (midi clock, let’s say 120 bpm) and have midihub output 150 bpm to give me 5/4 (quintuplets) sent to a hardware synth.

A clock multiplier in combination with the Clock divider would really make any time signature possible, right?