Channel remap confusion

Sorry for the dopey question but the channel remap function just makes no sense to me, I have read the accompanying text in the editor but why are there low and high parameters? I can easily remap channel 1 to channel 6 but if the in range is 1-3 for example and the out range is 4-13, where does channel 2 get routed to? Is it 13-4 divided by 2? Channel 4.5? Why does the CC number register in the mapping if it’s channel remapping? Why does this allow me to ‘route midi data based on the channel to other ports’ when this is easily achievable anyway?

As is plainly obvious, I just don’t get it. Thanks.

The ranges are for remapping multiple channels at a time. Having the difference between In Low and In High values different from Out Low and Out High when remapping channels is rarely useful (or having them in reverse order), compared to doing the same to Note Numbers, but it was natural to have the same implementation for all similar value range remappings.

It’s going to be 8. It’s doing linear remapping, the formula is:


always rounded down to the nearest integer.

The CC you mapped is used to externally control the parameter it was mapped to. The same CC still travels through the same input port - if you’d like to avoid that, just add appropriate Filter pipes to get it dropped.


Thanks for clarifying that, I’ll leave the algebra to you guys…

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