Changing Octatrack MkII track levels by using K-Mix as a MIDI control surface

Here’s a nice use case I got:

I wanted to use the K-Mix as a control surface for the Octatrack MKII, but unfortunately the K-Mix only sends midi messages on 1 channel at a time, with 3 channels available depending on the bank you’re on. This is bad, since each of the 8 tracks in the OT receives midi on a different channel.

You could assign CC 46 (which is track level on the OT) to the first fader but then the second fader would have to go to channel number 2, and given the “1 channel per bank” limitation, this would be impossible.

I was able to fix this easily with midihub. I just made a pipe for each of the 8 faders in bank 1 of the K-Mix, then used CC remap to convert CCs 1-8 (the default CCs for each fader) to CC 46 and then routed each pipe to channels 1 through 8.

Now I can control the levels of each of the 8 tracks in the OT by using the 8 faders in the K-Mix. :slight_smile:

What’s best is, I can do the same for banks 2 and 3, split the output to ports B, C or D and control the levels of my Digitone or any other synth just by switching banks. Basically 3 midi mixers in 1.


Here’s a copy of the routing I used in case someone wants to try something similar. (The last pipe is set to receive midi notes from an external midi controller and then merge into the same output.)

Controlling Octatrack track levels with (361 Bytes)

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