Changing midi note outputs on a USB controller

So conceptually what I’m looking to do is fairly simple, but I know I can’t quite do it with the midihub or else I’d consider buying one of those instead.

I have a Midi Fighter 64 that outputs notes starting at c3 (currently on channel 3)

I’m looking to connect it with a hardware synth (Synthstrom Deluge) and for my finger drumming place style have certain notes have the Deluge read multiple keys as the name midi note (so I can trigger the same sample across 4-5 buttons.

So for example the Midi Fighters D4, A#4 and F5 would ALL be perceived by the Deluge as just the D4.

I’m assuming if this is possible, I’d be plugging in via USB, and then outputting to the midi 5 pin.

Bonus points if this is also possible to do right within MODEP.

I can already do this with my Mac using my soundcard and software, but I’m hoping theres an option that lets me leave my laptop out of the equation. Thanks!

Bome MIDI Translator Pro running on BomeBox can do this. You would develop the project on a PC or Mac and then upload it to BomeBox for execution. Maybe MIDIHub could do this as well, but I haven’t played with it lately to see if it could do these transformations.


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You could do it on Midihub, using the Transform pipe’s “Work with” arguments, or use Note Range Filter + Note Remap pipe combos to remap the multiple notes into one desired note. Let us know the note mappings you’re if you can’t get it right, we’ll come up with some examples and solutions. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I looked into this as a back up but was hoping to not need to spend more money on it/connect it throughy my laptop. This is definitely a solid solution though.

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Interesting, I was looking at the midihub, and for some reason I didn’t think I could go from a USB midi device to DIN. If my PD patch doesn’t work that’s probably my next solution as y’all are a great company and if I’m going to give someone my money it’s probably y’all.

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So I’ve got a working prototype of a Puredata patch that I think is doing exactly what I’m looking for… on my laptop. I’ll attach a screenshot, and I’m happy to share the file with anyone who wants it.

The only thing I’m not sure of yet is how to translate this to the Pisound, and make sure that when I boot the PD patch in patchbox, it selects the Midi Fighter 64 as the input, and then output it’s own midi output to the DIN.

I’m guessing I might need to write a script that would connect them as I booted up the Pi? It won’t just like… automatically do that right?

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Check out Amidiminder utility - it does exactly that. :slight_smile: For getting your patch on boot, use patchbox, and select your patch from the list. The main entry point has to be placed in /usr/local/puredata-patches/<your_patch_folder>/main.pd so it appears in the list.

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Thanks this is helpful! Hopefully I can get it all squared away this week.

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