Change the RANGE via MIDI map

Is there any way to map the Range Value on a module? Or any way to change it via SysEx?

Which particular pipe you’re asking about? You may be able to achieve the functionality you’re after by using say Channel Remap instead of Channel Range Filter and mapping its parameters.

I’m looking for filtering channel and notes (want to be able to select one channel via mapped cc or any other remote method) and a note range.

and also, is there any way to filter note velocity?


For filtering a single channel, you can use Channel Remap, map all of the arguments to the same CC, so they’re always set to the same value (or set Out Low and Out High to a constant number, and map only In Low and In High parameters. The number set by Out Low and Out High will be the resulting channel number)

For notes, use Note Remap pipe in the same way, map In Low and Out Low to one CC, and In High and Out High to another CC.

There’s no equivalent pipe for Note Velocity as above, but you can use Transform pipe to swap data around so other pipes can process it, or if say you want to drop notes under some velocity, you could place a Transform, set What to Note On & Off, set the Work With range, and set Into to something that’s usually not used at all, like Active Sense. Optionally, you may put a Filter pipe to drop the produced Active Sense message completely, but usually it has no impact on anything.

There’s more pipes that work with Note Velocity, if you could explain what you want to do, there might be better options. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I did the channel range and just work, thanks. I’ll try next with the notes and then the pipes!

What I see is really needed, to specify a mapping range, so one Full CC 0-127 is not wasted in a boolean!

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I did what you suggested and worked! Thanks Giedrius!

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