Change source Channel -> Note OFF Problem…

Hi there.
I had to do a little loopback midi Pipeline for Hermod+ where I can choose via midi CC which outgoing channel is fed back to a specific midi chanel going back into hermod.
Channel Remap, mapped to a CC from my Launchkey worked fine for this. But often times when switching channels, it drops note off events, and then theres a bunch of notes ringing out on that loopback channel on Hermod+.

Is there an easy way to send something like an All nots Off event, whenever the specific CC that changes the fed back channel is changed?
Thanks for any help on this : )

Hey, you could use a Transform pipe to produce an All Notes Off message upon the desired CC messages passing, an All Notes Off message is actually just a special CC #123 message with value 0. (Use Arg1 & Arg2 params to set the CC id and value)

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uuh, nice! i’ll give that a try! : ) thanks!!

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