Change MODEP App Interface

I’m working on adding some functionality to my Pisound, and I’d like to customize the app interface shown when MODEP pedalboards are loaded. Right now, it shows only the default keyboard and some buttons, but I’d like to replace the keyboard with some other controls such as a couple sliders. After some digging, I believe changing the interface layout would involve editing a -module.json file? I tried editing /usr/local/patchbox-modules/modep/patchbox-module.json but nothing changed in the app - it’s possible I did it wrong though. Any ideas?


  • the interface change could affect all MODEP pedalboards or just one, I could work with either
  • I know I’ll have to make something to handle whatever controls I add to the module - I’m just focused on the visual aspect for now. Any tips for doing that are welcome though!


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Hey, it’s not possible to do directly, but you could build your controls for Pure Data in order to get the controls you’re after, and then make them work with MODEP through processing the values you receive in PD.

It’s possible to run PD and MODEP at once, but some tweaks to config files might be necessary.