Chance for Akai Force drums

Hi people,

Kind of stuck in my presets writing today…

Using my Akai Force with the midihub without any problem so far, tho.

New preset :

  • I’m sending Force midi track to the midihub,
  • isolating a note,
  • setting a knob on the Force to interact with the chance midihub mode using cc14,
  • sending the modified result to a drums plugin track on the Akai.

-Midihub receives the signal from the Akai midi track,
-sends the signal back to the Force drum plugin track,
-sounds great untouched, but a loop occurs within the midihub once the Akai cc14 assigned knob is started fiddled with… the Midihub goes like crazy with unstable cc14 values sent to the Force drum track.

To me, CC values loop as merging either on the midi track, or on the destination drum track…

Question is :

  • Should I put the manual cc value mod control within the midi track, which receives the midi from the MidiHub and sends midi to the drum track, then should I need to filter out the cc messages from the midihub ?

  • Or should I put the cc mod control within the destination drum track with has no direct link with the Midihub ( as it only receives midi from the Akai midi track ) and then create a cc only output from the Akai to the Midihub from this track?

…? Any idea would be great :wink:


Hey @Cedrick_Louault
If your CC14 is being used solely as a mapping event there should be no need to let it go any further than an Input Pipe.

Would you post your preset .mhp so we can see?