CC to Sysex transformer

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I know there have been other topics pertaining to Sysex, but a CC to Sysex transformer for Roland products would be amazing. I used to use a BomeBox for this however if the MidiHub provided a solution that would be great. Use case would be to connect a Novation LaunchControl XL and use it to control effect send levels of Roland JD-Xi.

I noticed in another post that MidiBoy was mentioned as a possible solution, if so how would this be implemented using a MidiBoy?


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The Midiboy can be programmed using Arduino IDE to perform many functions. As it has DIN-5 MIDI input & output ports, it’s suitable to be inserted in the middle of a chain to perform some processing on MIDI data passing through. For an example of such sketch, you may check out Midichords source code.

Some knowledge of programming is needed to create custom sketches. Modifying existing ones is a bit easier, but can be a bit trial & error.

Thanks @Giedrius!

Unfortunately as I program all day at work, the thought of more programming in my spare time doesn’t really appeal. I just thought if there was already a “sketch” that would perform the action I require then I would consider investing in the MidiBoy.

Would really love it if MidiHub would support CC to SysEx transformation at some point in the future. May be worth checking out the approach Electra One have taken as regards sending SysEx values:


I’d also really appreciate a cc to sysex transformer pipe to unlock all of the functionality of the Roland JD-XI buried in the menus! The sysex checksum isn’t enforced (can be left as 0x00) which would make it simpler to implement.
E.g. To set rim drum (c#2) output level, send:
F0 41 10 00 00 00 0E 12 19 70 30 0E val 00 F7
Where val is mapped from a CC data value.

Me too.

I am following this Forum to evaluate the possibilities of this very exciting MIDI processor.

For me it is also very important to fire SysEx Strings modified with MIDI-Control Values.

I think it is a very amazing feature to activate parameters of old synth without expensive hardware controllers.