CC to Note Transformation

Input CC number and value
Output Note with same number and use value as note velocity


  • Option to use 8x for note-off velocity 0 or 9x for note-off velocity 0 (default)
  • Option to transpose the incoming CC up or down so you can specify the outgoing note number.

This would be quite useful for applications like GrandMA that recognize only notes and not CC.s. I couldn’t find any current modifier to do this but I’ve very new at this so maybe there is a way. I’ve only had my MIDI Hub 1 day.

Check the Transform pipe, in this release: [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.3 & Firmware 1.11.5

If you’re doing CC value to Note On, when should the note turn off?

Note off should be when CC value is 0. Either as a Note-On with velocity 0 (prefered) or note-off with velocity 0 (as an option). Most synths and software will see note-on velocity 0 as a note-off.

I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Twisting CC knob would produce many Note On values of the same note number, but with many velocities. Formally, duplicate Note On messages with the same number without respective Note Off event between them is not allowed by the MIDI specification. Edit: I was wrong, see my reply below. It’s allowed as long as every note on receives a note off and the counts match. :slight_smile:

But single shot ‘CC’ to be transformed to Note On is fine.

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This is how GrandMA2 operates. I didn’t see anything in the MIDI specification that said you cannot send multiple note-on without note off, even if it is the same note number.

GrandMA2 takes the value of note-on messages for use of faders (just like a CC would look), however it does not allow CC messages at all.


Here’s the excerpt from MIDI 1.0 specification, page 62 (A-4), regarding multiple Note On messages. Looks like I remembered it incorrectly, duplicate Note On messages are allowed, as long as there’s an equal number of Note Off messages with matching Note number.

Looking and GrandMA2, it might not care about there being not enough Note Off messages, but since 1.11.5 firmware of Midihub, it filters out the additional Note On messages without the Note Off message in between at the physical output boundary. Now I’m thinking whether we should make this configurable per-port. :slight_smile:

Anyway, to produce the required number of Note Off messages, either the Note Length pipe or another Transform pipe could be placed to take care of producing the appropriate Note Off events. :slight_smile:


The version I just downloaded doesn’t seem to do any transformations, even CC to CC which I tested yesterday with no issue… I downloaded firmware earlier this morning so if the new download has the same file name, maybe I still don’t have the latest. I’ll try downloading again.

Although maybe 2 note-on messages with the same note number is not in the MIDI spec, I know many cases where you can see 2 note-ons of the same note number MIDI Channel, and port, but no note-offs.

Anyway, thanks for the quick reply!

It’s actually allowed by the specification, as long as there’s the same number of note offs in the stream. :slight_smile:

I tried this with the new firmware and software. If I suppress note-off, it doesn’t work.
My thought was to let both note-on and note off go through but to suppress the note off commands after coming out Virtual Port A back to my USB MIDI.

CC-to-Note-Suppress-Note-Off.mhp (170 Bytes)

Specification or not, this will be needed to work with GrandMA2 which requires note-on messages exclusively without note off.

GrandMA2 uses Notes as faders where note on velocity 0 is like a normal CC at value 0 and any other velocity increases or decreases the value. It simply will not work if note-off messages are sent between note-on at different velocities.

Ok, we’ve removed the duplicate note on/off filtering, so CCs can now be converted to Note Ons without restriction: [Download] Midihub Firmware 1.11.7