CC change to program change using transform


Love the midihub so far.

My expert Sleepers General CV module receives on all 16 midi channels. There are 128 sounds onboard selectable via program change on each channel (0 - 127). So you could have 16 sequences running, one on each channel, with a different program selected.

What I’d really like to do is map so that 1 single cc knob on the keystep 37 would then sweep through programs 0-127. So treat a program change value like you would a cc value.

I have played around with the transform pipe but can’t quite find a way to do what I’m looking for - and I’m getting confused by the arguments and values.

At the moment I have successfully set it in the transform pipe so a note on value can select the program (and have a cc to bypass the pipe) However I don’t think I have 127 keys and it requires you to stop playing to map, so thinking one knob to do this job would be much better. Is it possible?

Update: Figured it out!

Mode: Replace
What: CC
Into: PC
Set Program Number to: Arg 1
Arg 1: VALUE - then Map Arg 1 to cc

(in my case, map same cc to every 16 channels)

Now I have unlocked a 16 part multitimbral general midi polyphone. Ace!

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Interesting solution, I haven’t thought of doing it like that before!

I would have set ‘Set Program Number to:’ to ‘Value’, then I think mapping wouldn’t be necessary. Also a filter pipe to keep only the particular CC number you’re interested in to the left of Transform could be useful, to keep other CC numbers from passing through the same Transform pipe.