Case fan for Raspberry Pi 5?

Hello all,
I’m building a case for my Rasperry Pi 5/Pisound and I’m curious what the community thinks about needing a case fan. I know the Pi 5 has an issue with overheating and I already have a active CPU cooler fan but I wasn’t sure if I need a fan for the case to. My Pisound will be mounted next to the Pi 5, not on top, and the case is fairly large at 304mm x 200mm x 78mm. I could fairly easily integrate a fan into the case but if I don’t need it, I’d rather not because I want to keep fan noise down. Thanks in advance everyone!

I don’t think your configuration is prone to any overheating situation. just make sure having airflow for the pi active cooler.

My configuration include pisound with acrylic case + rpi5 with active cooler (which can be considered harsh condition than yours)and moderate CPU usage (30-40% loads) didn’t harm anything for overnight

by the way, I’d love to take a look for your project (even a blueprint). something interesting must be going on there.

That’s what I was thinking too. I’ll just add an extra airflow port on the side of the case. If I need to add a fan to it later, it will be there for me. Here’s what I have so far. The black object on top is my Keith McMillen Quneo that I’ll use to control everything. The holes are for xlr inputs/outputs and Pi 5/Pisound Ports. I’m planning on have the acrylic lazer cut at my fiance’s work. Should be pretty fun!

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Thanks for sharing your work. bye the dimensions you mentioned I imagined you must be going to attach a screen or something but it was a LED-lighted controller instead. cool!

Yeah, I thought about putting a small screen in it but I love the idea of it being it’s own thing and only interacting with a screen if I need to edit a patch. You’re right, the quneo gives a lot of visual feedback with the LEDs so I should have enough from that to have an idea where I’m at on each patch. It’s gonna be a mashy mashy turn everything crazy board anyways :joy: I’ll try to post a video or something here when I’m done with it!