Can't use multiple effect with jack period value greater than 2

Hi, everything is working fine but when I use period greater than 2 in jack configuration , I can use only one effect . I set period greater than 2 because it takes noise with 2 . Can you please help me to sort out this problem ?

Are you using the PIIQ audio card?

No, I’m using Alesis Core 1 usb audio interface . And one more thing sir . Does it possible to fetch effect’s parameters and edit them with python of current pedalboard ?

Does the noise happen with any plugin or just one specific plugin? Another suggestion is to try changing the sample rate to see if that reduces the noise.

As far as the question on fetching/editing plugin parameters with my pedalboard code, that is not currently possible. My pedalboard (and many like it) only send MIDI CCs to the Pi. That being said, I am working on a library that will at least expose the plugin parameters so they can be displayed. I suppose with some extra work it could be extended to also change those parameters.

Perhaps the question is; what would you want to change with a pedalboard? Is it possible, say with snapshots, to do what you’re trying to accomplish?

Actually sir, I’m working on this project . So, I need to create own modep controller . Where I can do everything dynamically .

the noise happens with any plugin . I tried changing the sample rate . but the result is same . Ok, one more thing, i’m using Pi Zero 2 W . is it the problem ?

I can’t say for sure if MODEP will work on the Pi Zero. @Giedrius @Pranciskus is this possible?

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There will be a ton of work to get it working correctly. For starters, bookworm is using python3.11 which means mod-ui needs some updating…then there’s the issue of an rt kernel…this can be either painless or a complete PITA…most of the time the latter. I’m doing tests at the moment to see what needs to be Updated

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Can you please give some links ?

previously I told about the noise . the noise in generated when I strum . A motor boat type audio mixed with original audio . Now I am using RPI 3A+ .