Can't get arp to run without sequencer running

So I have clock going to USB A (Minibrute 2)

Then USB A is going into arp and then USB B (Microbrute)

If I hit play on the Minibrute’s sequencer, the Microbrute will start arpeggiating, but if I just play the Minibrute, I won’t get any arpeggios. Even though it would seem I’m sending the arpeggio clock from the clock pipe going to A.

If I set the Minibrute 2 to USB clock then the sequence will play in response to the Midihub’s clock but the Microbrute won’t arpeggiate.

It seems like my Minibrute 2 isn’t forwarding clock over MIDI USB or my USB MIDI routing isn’t taking the Minibrute 2’s clock and forwarding it back to the Midihub.

Who is supposed to be the master clock in your system? Is it the Midihub that’s doing the arpeggiating? If so, clock data must pass through the Arp pipe for it be able to work.

Could you share the preset you have so far, so we can help get it to do what you want? :slight_smile:

Yeah, here’s what I got:

On the Minibrute 2 I can select between Internal, USB, MIDI, and analog clock in.

If I set it to USB & hit play on the Minibrute’s sequencer, the Minibrute will slave to the Midihub’s clock, but the Microbrute on USB B will not arpeggiate.

If I set the clock to Internal, the Microbrute will arpeggiate, but only when a Minibrute sequence is playing and not when I’m improvising.

You should just forward through the clock from a single clock master, or from internal BPM generator on Midihub, see this reply for an example: Arpeggiator not work

Oh I didn’t even think about using virtuals, it worked. Thanks!

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