Can't boot into Patchbox - any chance to save my work?

I can´t boot into Patchbox and I think it has something to do with the sd card. I try it with another sd card and it boots with no problem.

I don’t mind re-flashing the card again with Patchbox but I have a pd patch that I was working on that I don’t have a backup. is there a way to somehow access this patch from the file system and save it to my mac? or some other way?

here is a picture form the screen, it does not go anywhere from here.

can anyone help? it would be very much appreciated, thanks!

Hi, no idea what’s wrong with the boot…

The SD card contents can be accessed from your other computers - it consists of 2 partitions, the ‘boot’ one is FAT32 which is recognized by pretty much all desktop OSes, the other (the one on which your file is) is ext2 or some variation of it, by default it’s supported on Linux OSes.

To access the partition, you’ll have to use some special software, search on the internet, or check out some of the options I found:



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hi @Giedrius!

thank you so much for your input but I’m out of luck :confused:
I had already tried some of the Mac options you’ve posted but sadly ext4fuse is not compatible with mac os x captain (my os x at the moment). so it does not work properly and I not able to mount the ext2 drive…

I also have no idea of what’s going on with the boot…

:pray: for the help!

Maybe you could find another computer to extract the file with?

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I think that is the solution :wink:
would like to know the reason why the sd card is not booting though :thinking:

It’d be interesting to see the entire boot log, as the cause might have been logged somewhere above the callstack dumps. As the crash happens this early in the system, the only way to extract the log is using a hardware serial UART communications device.

Some possible causes is software misconfiguration during the last working session, or SD card corruption due to too low power supply or during plugging in / unplugging of the power supply at the Raspberry Pi side. (always prefer unplugging the power supply from the outlet first, and plug it into the outlet only after connecting the Raspberry Pi port).

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I’ll try to do that in the future :wink: thank you for all your input, much appreciated :pray:

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If you have a USB SDcard reader, try booting to another SD card on your pi, and insert the corrupted SD card in the USB card reader. you should be able to access the ext-partition…YMMV

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thanks for the info! :pray: