Cannot flash to 1.12.0 using editor 1.12.2 on Windows 10

Cannot flash MidiHub to 1.12.0 using the editor 1.12.2 on Windows 10.

After clicking the button to flash, the MidiHub switches to show all LEDs lit, but the editor displays the message: ‘Looking for Midihub in bootloader mode’ for 30 seconds then displays the error message:

Failed locating the MidiHub in bootloader mode!

Error code: 4

Prior to attempting to flash, the Midihub is connected as COM4, but when all the LEDs are lit it is then connected as COM5. Not sure if that makes any difference.

Hey, I sent you a PM with instructions on how to provide us with logs to help us see what’s up.

Sorry, It’s been night time here and now I’m at work. I’ll send you the log tonight. Thanks for the help.

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Sure, no problem. :slight_smile:

The issue turned out to be the same as this one:

Yes and since I’ve changed that Bluetooth port, I’ve not had an issue since!

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Worked a dream. Thanks a lot.

Not sure why Windows was allocating it to the same COM port as another device.