Can Midihub do random ratcheting?

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I’m considering purchasing Midihub but want to check something first.

Has anyone tried building a random ratcheting patch? For anyone not familiar with ratcheting, it is a technique that Tangerine Dream invented using modular synths, where a pattern is playing, and there is a random chance that any given note will play with a multiplied clock division. That is, you might have a 1/4 note pattern playing, and randomly a note may actually be played as 2 x 1/8th notes, or maybe 4 x 16th notes.

I have a Hydrasynth that has this built in, with the “chance” and “max amount” being controlled by knobs. It’s really amazing.

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Hi, I think this may be possible to achieve with a Delay and Chance pipes, like having a processing pipeline with a very low Chance set up, so it’s not too often, and a Delay pipe to the right of Chance pipe to repeat the note once.


Thanks, that sounds promising! The bit I’m struggling to get my head around is how we can modify the gate length on the fly… that is, I see how you can create a new note-on message by using delay, but we need to also shorten the time to note-off, to make the notes e.g. 1/16th in length rather than the original 1/4 note.

Use Fixed Length pipe to change the lengths, or just the Note Length parameter of Delay Pipe itself (Fixed Length checkbox must be ticked), MIDI mapped parameters can be used to modify this using a controller hooked up to MH.

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Ok, you’ve convinced me :slight_smile: … just pulled the trigger on the purchase!

Excited to play around with these ideas; thanks Giedrius!

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Hey Bram, how did you get on with ratcheting? I searched the forum looking for ideas to set this up. Did the delay pipe work for you?