Can midihub be a switchable router?

Hey all

I have a very nice new to me Hydrasynth Deluxe. It replaced a Novation 49SLMKIII and a bunch of desktop modules which were good in many ways. I now need to do a few new tricks:

Can I use the midihub as a way to rewrite midi channel? For instance, my synth outputs midi 2. When I want to send key control to a monosynth, I have to change the TX channel. I know I can have all synths on the same channel and just shut/vol them down but I miss the automation of the SL. I could switch between any of my synths, and even sequence between them.

I was even thinking a midi switchbox would be good. But I think I would like some flexilbiity with routing. Further a nice physical non computer selector would be cool too, or use a midi message? How can I trigger?

Hi, you may just use a Channel Remap pipe, and map Out Low and Out High parameters to a CC knob. This way the MIDI channel can be changed on the fly just by turning a knob.

An alternative could be to store up to 8 different presets in Midihub’s memory, each set to output a different channel, and send Midihub Program Change messages to switch between the presets.