Can I change pedalboard or deactive certain FX with a midi drum pad?

I own a cheap MIDI drum pad with 4 pads. Is it possible to bind 4 pedalboards to the 4 different pads so I can change patch by stomping on one of them? Or, even better, can I make certain FX turn on/off inside a pedalboard with such a MIDI controller? The drum pad in question is the KAT KTMP1, by the way, but I assume it should be the same, regardless of the controller.

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Switching pedalboards by MIDI note triggering is not a built in part of MODEP (as far as I know), but a while ago, I had need to do something very similar, just with MIDI Control Change messages:

I just recently updated that script with some more logic: to also handle command triggering based on MIDI note_on messages, so long as the velocity is past a certain configurable value. From my own testing, it seems to work properly.

In order to use the script, you’ll need to adjust the contents of the script, to match the commands you want to run for any given notes. For pedalboard switching, you will also want to have the newest version of modep-btn-scripts on your Pi:

You can save a backup of the current stuff, and pull down the most recent version as follows:

cd /usr/local/modep/
sudo mv modep-btn-scripts modep-btn-scripts.bak
sudo git clone

I don’t currently have a solution put together to change MIDI note into MIDI control change messages, which is what would be needed to have your note messages trigger certain effects on and off. That should be pretty doable though, with the framework that exists here already.

It does not look like the KAT KTMP1 can send any MIDI control change messages, so the note-to-command triggering (for switching pedalboards/patches) might be as close as you’ll get with this solution currently.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll check this out.