Can CC's be delayed?

I’m a new member and I just received my Midihub yesterday.
I need to delay a CC message by 250ms but I’m under the impression that the delay pipe will only delay notes.
Is there a simple way to delay a CC message?



Try converting it to a Note On using Transform pipe just before the delay, and back into CC afterwards :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve just setup the transform pipe to convert a CC into a note number. I’ve tested my transform settings by clicking the transform icon, then sending midi into the midihub while viewing the midi monitor.
The operation shows the proper midi operation during this test but when I connect an output pipe I don’t get any data out of the midi output and the midi monitor doesn’t display data either.
What am I missing here?


Could you post your preset here? :slight_smile: In such a case you should ‘follow’ the message flow through the preset while keeping an eye on the MIDI monitor to determine at which point it gets discarded, and adjust accordingly.

Sure, here’s my preset. I should mention - I’m trying to convert CC81 into a note number.

EDJ Preset_v00f.mhp (332 Bytes)

Here it is:

EDJ Preset_v00f_edited.mhp (365 Bytes)

It was a little bit more involved than I thought at first - the Delay pipe must be receiving the “Note Off” messages too, so a quick succession of CC messages is handled properly, hence the ‘fixed note length’ pipe just before the Delay.

In your original preset, the feedback as 0% and overdub being disabled would cause the Delay pipe to not produce any output.

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Just saw this - this file is brilliant!

This is extremely education as well as helpful. Thanks so much!

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