Call for Android Beta Testers

Hey guys, as promised, we’re getting close to delivering the Pisound mobile app for launching patches from your mobile device! Now we are entering the testing stage and we’re looking for some helping hands! The list of required items to participate:

  • Pisound;
  • An Android device with Bluetooth support;
  • Raspberry Pi* with Bluetooth support.

Raspberry Pi Version 3 has built in Bluetooth support. Other versions should work as long as a USB Bluetooth dongle is connected.

Please register your interest in testing the Android app by entering your e-mail you use for Google Play Store here. On October 1st we will add your account to our closed beta testers list and send out the instructions on how to participate and how to set up the software!

Keep in mind that this is the beta test round, so the app is not necessarily in its final appearance. Some issues are to be expected and we will do our best to act on the feedback you provide before reaching the public release.