Bursts of noise on the Pi Sound


I am starting to learn Pure Data on the Raspberry Pi 4 with the Pi Sound card and this morning I have put together a basic patch that has three oscillators controlled by the midi sequencer on a Novation Launchpad Pro plugged in to the midi in on the Pi Sound and a Volca Beats connected to the audio in routed to the dac via a rev2 object. It all seems to be working well but I get some odd bursts of sound.

Has anyone had this happen to them?

You can hear the noise in this video at about 40 seconds in:

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Just carried out a couple of tests with the Launchpad and Circuit tracks and seems to happen only when I have the Volca Beats connected to the audio in.

Any ideas?

Try reducing the input gain potentiometer - the red LED indicates clipping in the audio signal - ideally you should set the gain and output volumes of connected devices so it never lights up, so the input signal doesn’t get distorted.

Thanks for the responses and I have tried that and it works and don’t here the distortion any more.

When you Patchbox OS module is set to Pure Data will it load a default patch and where is the best place to look at how to include your own patch in the library of patches that is displayed?

I am very new to this so sorry for the basic questions.

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It looks for patches in /usr/local/puredata-patches, your patch should be in a subfolder, and the main file of the preset should be named ‘main.pd’, or there should be a ‘blokas.yml’ file describing the patch, including the entry point file.

Thanks I have just tried adding a folder with a main.pd patch in and it works :slight_smile:

Will now have to try and find some time to get my head round the other files in the page you linked to.

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