Building MODEP LV2 in Faust?

Just learnt today that the Faust web-based IDE could export to a whole variety of platforms, including LV2.

If it works, it’s pretty impressive. And it could make it easy enough for someone to prototype crossplatform plugins. On paper, this is just what I needed, especially since it supports some neat Physical Modelling stuff.
My issue with Faust, until now, has been with installation. I knew there was a web-based system but I thought it was very limited and I certainly didn’t realize it could export to PureData and Max and VST and iOS and JUCE and SOUL…

There’s a Kadenze MOOC about Faust. I kept registering for it but never found the time to invest in learning it. Maybe the next few weeks will be the right time for me to do so, especially since I’m starting a new permanent job soon.