Building an Organ, with 3 Manuals

Hi, i want to build an organ with 3-midi-manuals (only keyboards without sound) and one keyboard with sound.
The 3-midi-manuals can send only on channel one, but i need to send per manual to send with own channel. I want to play without pc/laptop, only with instruments.
Can i do this, can i configure the midihub ?
Sorry for my english.
Many thanks for your answers.

Hi @wetyya

I think “midi-manual” means “MIDI keyboard controller”

Each of these MIDI keyboards will connect to Midihub via a different port.

I think “send per manual to send with own channel” means that you want the notes from each keyboard to go out on a separate channel say (Ch2,3,4)

If true, a simple patch would look like this:
Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 22.00.18

Above, the 3 keyboards each have their channels remapped and then sent out to the same sound module.

Try downloading the Editor and building it yourself.

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