Bug: when saving to a different preset, window title still shows the original preset

I’ve observed this on Midihub Editor 1.14.0 on macOS 14.2.1. To reproduce:

  • launch Midihub Editor and select a preset, e.g. 8; the window title will say “Midihub Editor - Midihub YYYY.MM.DD HH.MM.SS (Preset 8)” Just below you can read “Current Preset: 8”
  • save the preset as another preset, e.g. 7
  • the window title updates date and time but not the preset number; just below, it says correctly “Current Preset: 7”

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The title is built upon ‘downloading’ the preset from the device, I think the best solution will be to actually remove the preset info from the title, as it’s redundant with the Current Preset label. :slight_smile: