[Bug] MODEP 1.12 Not Automatically Connecting to Known WIFI

Anyone else having issues with Patchbox OS/MODEP 1.12 not connecting to known wifi? Here’s what I’ve experienced: I run “patchbox” and configure the wifi connection at home. Connects fine. When I take my setup to another location I couldn’t get it to connect to the wifi there. Every time I ran “scan” it would say wifi was busy. I first had to “Disconnect from default network” then configure the connection to the new network. Then I take the setup home and have to “Disconnect from default network” then reconfigure the wifi connection for home.

Previously I thought Patchbox OS would just connect to whatever known wifi network was configured and I don’t remember having to do this before.

Anyone else run into this?

Check out your /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, maybe it contains info only for one network?

See this relevant post: networking - How to setup multiple WiFi networks? - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

@Giedrius just got around to checking this. You’re correct, it only contains info for one network. I will try to connect to another network and see if it adds the new network to the config.

If I remember right, both the raspi-config and patchbox utilities simply replace the contents of the file, if you want to use multiple networks, you may have to make sure the file contains the correct info by hand. It might be enough to have two network={...} blocks.

@Giedrius great minds…that’s exactly what I did. I will try and test the connection again next week. Just so I’m clear, if you configure a connection with the patchbox utility then it completely overwrites the wpa_supplicant.conf?

If I remember right, both utils do that.

Yep, I added the wifi config manually and now it connects to both. Don’t remember having to do this in the previous version.