[Bug] Guitarix Amp Simulators - Error When Adding

Anyone else having issues adding any of the Guitarix amps to their pedalboard? When I try to add any of the Gx amp simulators I’m getting “Error adding effect”.

Check for errors logged using commands from here: Troubleshooting - MODEP Documentation

@Giedrius I finally had a moment to sit down and try to figure out why I was getting the error adding the Guitarix amps to my pedalboard. I used journalctl as suggested in the troubleshooting guide and found that any time I tried to add gx_amp.lv2 or gx_cabinet.lv2 the log was showing that the plugin couldn’t be loaded due to a missing libzita-convvolver.so.3 dependency. I installed the libzita-convolver3 package, restarted MODEP and am now able to add those plugins to my pedalboard.


The missing lib was added as a dependency. Anyone having this issue should update modep by running apt update && sudo apt install -y modep-mod-ui