Broken LEDS (physically and no light)

Leds seems very fragile, I realize that 2 are broken (first time I use the product).
Is there a way to have the part number so that I can change them ?
Or at list a recommandation for Vforward and Allowed current …


Hi Arno,

Did they not work on first power on, or something happened to the device? We do test during our QC procedure that all of the LEDs light up, but still, there’s a very slim chance that some might fail anyway soon after.

You can send your device to us for repair under warranty, send us an email.

If you really want to fix it yourself, the LED part is OSY5JA39B1B by Optosupply. Keep in mind that if the LEDs are not from the same production batch, they may have a visibly slightly different tone of yellow color, in that case, you’d have to replace all of the 9 LEDs.

Many thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate that you provided the details ;o)
Honnestly, this WE was my first use, but I have this product for 2 months. The first thing I noticed is the broken hard plastic light. I really thing that this is too fragile. The when the plastic is broken, no more light.
Many thanks for your offer, shippment will be expensive and the product cost is very reasonnable:
As an electronic engineer, I’ll take the responsability of the repair and the warranty void ,o) and may be choose led alternative and make mine unique in a way ;o)

This tool is AMAZING, I just needed something simple, and when I realized (when received) all the possibilities, the very good interface and management, the possibility of 8 presets, and this working also with linux and Raspberry ! Worth spending time on this little issue ;o)

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Hmm, we’ve never had a report of a broken LED lens before, we’ll keep an eye out for issues like that, thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile: