Boot times, how fast?

heya! theoretical question, how fast can a stripped down raspbian boot on an rpi3b? is there any things one could do to speed up things? like disabling services and stuff?

Hi, yes, you may disable some of the background services to get reduced boot time. I’ve seen on the net someone getting 7 second boot time to their application on RPi 2, so on 3rd one you may expect slightly better boot times.

I’d suggest you to decide how you measure the boot time (like the time between system power on and the time your intended application starts), figure out how to log that, and just try searching the internet for optimizing the boot and see how fast you can get it.

There’s no definite answer on how fast you can get it, it all depends on particular requirements for the system you have.

thanks for replying! ill investigate, in the meanwhile, can u maybe list the absolute necessary service one should keep for propper pisound op?

Pisound adds pisound-btn service, for interacting with the button, and pisound-ctl service which is used for the Pisound App integration. Both can safely be removed, if you don’t use them, Pisound will continue to work as Audio and MIDI audio card.

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