Blokas Bonus Bits volume 1 xsample~

In addition to making patches for the official piSound app i will also be releasing two BETA patches per month and discussing, helping and sharing tips for blokas piSound users. To get folks started i will start sharing some code that is exclusively for blokas pisound forum members. I urge you to save the code i am going to share because it will be useful to you in making your own piSound Pd patches. Code i wrote or used in 1998 still works with very tiny adaptations

I have about a 2TB of pd patches that i have saved and been maintaining since right around 1998. i began using pure data on SGI and continue to use it everyday. It is the best computer music and composition resource i have ever encountered.

to read more about me you can go to

but for now lets get started.
Most people want to make a sampler of some kind and one of the best sample playback/recorder etc. i have used is called xsample. it is VERY similar to the groove~ object in Max and usually it requires that you compile flext, a C++ layer invented and maintained by Thomas Grill. In this scenario because you are Blokas forum members i compiled it fresh for raspberry pi 3 and tested it with my piSound

here is the folder that you will need.
i urge you to place it in ~/Documents/Pd/externals
you can add a path to it
and in your Pd Startup include

the xsample.pd_linux file has been compiled for the Blokas raspberry piSound by me for you
when it loads you should see this in the pd window:

xsample objects, version 0.3.2pre

xrecord~, xplay~, xgroove~
©2001-2014 Thomas Grill

Enjoy Xsample. I’ll post a patch that uses it in the next few days

Thanks again :+1:

well well, that is cool! Thanks a lot!