[Beta Program] Midihub Review by opiate

How I use Midihub:

At some point in my midi chain midi OUT from Digitakt/Digitone goes back into midi IN from Digitakt/Digitone to use the extra LFO’s from unused MIDI tracks. Thee old loopback trick.


If you dont filter out the CC 120 (all sounds off) Digitakt crashes and fun stops when you double press STOP. And I somehow do this more than I should. So here comes the MidiHub and CC “Capwell” Filter pipe to the rescue.

Oh and also I dont need my Midi merger and spliter boxes anymore. Even a little less midi cable cluter is always a good thing.

And still I am very far from using full potential of this little box…

If only it would be also powered from Midi… A man can dream right…

So would I recommend MidiHub? fak ye!