[Beta Program] [Editor] auto connect not working?

upgraded to 1.0.1 firmware and editor

editor does not auto connect to midihub when editor is started.

(I thought it did with 1.0.0., but may be wrong, as i only ran the editor once with 1.0.0 then upgraded as soon as it told me to :wink: )

I have probably miss-worded this, the ‘Auto connect’ setting is more like ‘Auto select the device from the list and connect to it, if there’s only one connected to the PC when connect is clicked’.

Having this setting off could be useful when having more than one Midihub device, but I think to avoid any confusion, we should make this auto selection behavior default and unconfigurable. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Maybe it could appear as an option when more than one device is connected?

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