Best way to start monome serialoscd daemon at startup


I’m making some simple puredata patches (very alpha at the moment)

I want to use al this headless… so I need to start serialoscd at startup. where can I add it somewhere so its get started at each boot? just running “serialoscd” is ok…

Hi, if you put your patches in /usr/local/puredata-patches/, you should be able to select the one to start at startup in patchbox->module, name the entry point of your patch as ‘main.pd’ or use ‘blokas.yml’ to specify what it should be.

If you need more patches to get started at startup, either create some ‘host’ patch that you autostart using the above method, or you’ll have to write some script and systemd .service file to get it started automatically.

Alright, systemd .service file it is I guess. Serialoscd is not a PD patch, it’s a regular executable.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: We could help, having set up many .service files so far for Patchbox OS.