Best bargain small midi controller for the MidiHub?

Hi Guys,

Any advice concerning a small convenient midi controller I could link to the MidiHub ( mainly knobs )?
FaderFox, Akai, Korg, other?

Thanks for any retex.


No specific recommendations, but bear in mind you’ll either need something with regular 5-pin midi, or a USB host -> DIN adaptor as the MidiHub doesn’t have a midi host port itself.

That’s right, USB MIDI devices can’t be connected directly to Midihub, but the data coming from them could be forwarded via a PC host, or something like Raspberry Pi, and Midihub’s functionality then can be used to modify and forward the data to and from MIDI DIN.

The utilities on PC to achieve this vary with the OS, but to list a few, there’s ‘aconnect’ for Linux, ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ on Mac, ‘MIDI-OX’ on Windows, and most DAWs provide the capability to forward MIDI data between connected MIDI ports.

Most, if not all, FaderFox controllers have MIDI DIN-5 ports. Legendary Evolution UC33 or Behringer BCR2000 would be a great option too. :wink:

Yep, midi/usb.
Pi : I’m yet using Raspberry Pi as samples player and it’s not trustful at the starting up ( my opinion of user ).
Usb : convenient small inexpensive controllers
Midi : convenient with a midihub midi learning functions. I’ve discovered the UC33. BCR2000 is on paper a good idea ( even more with the seq update mod a few years ago ), but I’ve been a bit cooled by a few people testimonies getting some troubles with it using midi learning mode.

C16 PHILIP REED - MIDI Slider Control Unit
Peavey P1600X
Keith McMillen MIDI Expander + you can then add a SoftStep or 12Step

My recommendation is Arturia Beatstep (the regular model, not the Pro). It has 16 knobs + 16 velocity sensivite pads and is built like a tank (metal chassis). It’s able to output traditional MIDI (comes with a jack-MIDI adapter), CV and USB-MIDI and costs 90 euros or so. Also works as a 16 step sequencer. Cylvester has also this controller, among others, in their Midihub tutorial videos.


Yep. Not a bad idea for the price of a simple controler.
I may then end up with a 5th sequencer as I only use 3 of them :confused: I thought of a Minilab then I could sell my Keystep but no midi out from the Minilab.

Le lun. 18 mai 2020 à 09:53, Tomi Kokki via Blokas Community a écrit :

The Akai MPD 226 & 232 both have DIN MIDI as well:

This would indeed be a great feature in the MidiHub, USB HOST <> Midi.

There’s a Kenton, and and a Miditech, box offering this functionallity:


Thanks for these infos. :+1:

Turned up that I forgot that I could use my Circuit also as midi controler without interacting with its sounds.

Not only using its 8 knobs, but using the 8 knobs of each “panel”. W>hich gives me more than 40 knobs available to choose from ( I will have to sort of parameters I don’t use for each patch and isolate the corrresponding knobs in the editor not to have both internal and midi infos sent by the knobs, which is quick and easy to do. Then it should provide me at least 16 knobs only dedicated to midi control I could choose from :+1: )

Used Novation remote SL zero and SL zero mk2 could be a relatevely cheap alternative offering a dedicated lcd screen for naming a cc parameter in order to have a basic visual representation. There is a CC editor for them, official for mk1, beta for mk2.

Yep, or an UC-33. :+1:

Yup the Novation Zero SL MkII can be found for cheap and support CC, RPN/NRPN and Sysex (and some more…)

I got one a week ago and will set it up as master midi performance controller in my keyboard lab, and as a programmer for my Triton Rack.