Berryboot from USB & PureData

When using berryboot with booting from a usb, the command to find “main.pd” was not giving the desired results because it was finding a few “main.pd” files on the raspian image on the usb before the desired “main.pd” on another usb port. I changed line #27 in /usr/local/pisound/scripts/pisound-btn/ from:

PURE_DATA_PATCH=`find /media 2> /dev/null | grep main.pd | head -1’


PURE_DATA_PATCH=find media -name main.pd | grep -v berryboot | head -1

This works but I have no idea if it is the fastest way to find a file named “main.pd” that is in /media but not in a subdirectory named “berryboot”.

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Thank you for sharing this, we’ll add berryboot exclusion in the next version of the scripts. :slight_smile: