Beat repeat function

Hello User’s and Support !

I would like to make a beat repeat function that will restart a track repeatedly in time with the tempo :

For exemple on channel 16 of my keyboard, a Note X will restart the main sequencer (hardware) to the beginning every 1 bars, a Note Y will restart the sequence to the beginning every 2 bars, a Note Z every 4 bars and so…

I’m thinking about using a Note On message to trigger an LFO Pipe synced on the clock where it’s cycles (as % of the clock for the number of bars) will trigger a start/song position message.
I’m not looking to adjust the speed of the LFO for the repeating time because it coud be tricky as I had to have a visual feedback or fixed position knob than having a dedicated button (key) to do the job.

But I don’t really how to make it, it’s just an idea and I don’t even know if I’m right in these thinking, could you help me for that ?

Thanks in advance, Dimitri.


What would produce these notes?

I think a good option would be to use a sequencer to place in these notes, and use Filter Note Range pipe and Transform pipes to convert the Note On event to Start message that would restart the sequencer as needed.

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Hi !
using a sequencer is such a good idea that’s true because it will easily make the trick of sending the restart message in time and in cycles as needed, but I would not like to use a sequence just for that (for different reason) and also I need it for live performance and triggering it by a key (eg. extreme lower keys of my beyboard) will be more interesting in my workflow and artistic choices.

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Ok, so you’d like something similar to launching clips in Ableton, where upon triggering, it’s delayed until the start of the next bar, and then keeps looping (restarting) for the set length?


Wow ! this kind of feature will be extra cool, actually I did not think about a delayed triggering…just a firing manually on time, but i though of bypassing the pipe with another key to discard the repeat and keep playing…what you think ?
Lauching clip like in ableton is a good exemple.