Bass Guitar Pedals

Hi there,

I’m having a hard time knowing which pedals will work well with my bass guitar or if there are any I could add that might work well? I am also open to modifying the code of any existing ones. Please let me know! I’m very new to pedals.


Hello there, what do you mean with “work well”?

Basically every effect present in MODEP (except for generators) is suitable for bass, but it depends on the sound you’re looking for, and what kind of use you want to do with it (live performing in a band, solo performances, recording etc…)

Here’s a video of my “standard” pedalboard. I mostly use it for live performing with pop/rock bands. Actually I made some modifications after the video was released, but maybe it can be a good starting point if you’re really new to bass effects.


Thanks! I’ll take a look


Hey @farleyflex, I don’t know if you went through realizing your pedalboard, but I wanted to show you a little video I made using MODEP on my bass.

Unfortunately the general audio is a little distorted, that happened when I converted the format of video (I hate dealing with videos, I’m an audio guy), but I’m sure you can get the idea. For this sound I’ve used this chain: CALF Compressor -> MDA SubBass -> MOD Highpass -> TAP Chorus/Flanger. I had to use the high pass filter because the MDA sub bass is really heavy, and it generates frequencies that could damage you entire work.

I hope you enjoy it.


Is the MDA SubBass the MDA SubSynth or did you build/add another pedal to MODEP?

@SRSabu Sorry for the late reply. It’s the one included in MODEP package, configured to play as an octaver.