Bass Effects in modep

Hey Guys,
I am thinking about buying a pisound and use it as an audio Interface to recording bass. But I have the feeling, that the effects, which i can use in modep are only for guitar or wokrs best with guitars.
Am i wrong and modep has also bass effects for me to use it?

Hey, you can check out the list of plugins here:

You can use them on any sound you send to the system, I don’t think it’s limited to guitars.

Hey PowerPelikan, I use it for bass and there are a lot of interesting sound combination you can create with MODEP, with no sound loss!

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Just got mine for guitar/bass and I’m blown away by the sound quality and low latency. Sounds like I’m playing through an expensive Helix. The amount of plugins made with bass in mind is lacking but I’m able to make some great tones regardless.


In case you need a starting point, here is a video showing my MODEP live performance setup