Basic help for a beginner

I am new to setting up hardware and have a few basic questions about my MIDIHUB.

Firstly, I have changed the default names of the 4 MIDI pipes to match that of the hardware I have connected. It works well in the editor BUT, when I load my DAW the names are not showing there. In the DAW I just see the standard names that were like this when I first set up the device. But it is not very intuitive and I would like to see the new names that I specified to show here, is that somehow possible?

Secondly, I do not understand what the 4 USB MIDI pipes are. I have 4 MIDI cables going into the device and 4 MIDI cables coming out, so the 4 MIDI pipes make perfect sense to me, as they represent these cables. BUT there is only 1 USB lead connecting the device to the computer, so I am very confused as to how there are 4 USB pipes. Someone, please help me understand this.

Finally, If I want to send MIDI from my computer to one of my hardware synths. Do I use a USB pipe or a virtual pipe?

I know these are very basic questions, sorry about that. But if anybody could help me, it would be much appreciated.
Thank you

Us too, but unfortunately major OS drivers don’t query let alone expose the port name strings from USB MIDI device, instead, they rely on the device’s name itself. There’s nothing Midihub can do to make the OSes listen.

USB MIDI devices can have multiple internal ports, so even though there’s one USB connector, Midihub is recognized as supporting 4 bidirectional MIDI streams, so each USB port pipe represents one of those USB streams. See MIDI Port Mapping - Midihub Documentation for which letter corresponds to which name in your DAW.

To get MIDI from your PC to Midihub and back, use FROM USB X → TO MIDI X and FROM MIDI X → TO USB X.

Thank you for the fast reply and information.

I understand now that the port names can not be changed after reading your explanation, however, why are they named so complex? Surly a simple name like “MIDIHUB A”, “MIDIHUB B” etc would be much more intuitive than “Midihub MH-0SESPRR (Port 3)”. A firmware update could name these a bit better maybe? Has this been requested already?

I still have no idea about this USB thingy. I have an Elektron Syntakt sending MIDI over USB to my computer. Does this mean that somehow I am able to use this to send MIDI out to other devices? If so how would I tell the editor that my Syntakt should be USB port 3 for example? I tried reading the manual, but I am a bit new to this, so I found it confusing.

The serial number is included in the name in case you would have multiple Midihubs connected to your computer so you could differentiate. Anything outside of Midihub and its serial is controlled by the OS, sometimes DAWs improve the names a little bit, like Ableton translates “MIDIIN3 (Midihub MH-…)” provided by Windows into something more appropriate like what you quoted. :slight_smile:

Each USB device is sort of isolated from each other, and they only know about the host that’s hosting them. You have to use your DAW or other software to loop USB MIDI data back out to Midihub. If you’re using Ableton, use the I/O section to reroute USB MIDI data between devices, place a MIDI track, set your Elektron device as MIDI input, and make the track output the data to one of Midihub’s ports. You have to enable MIDI data monitoring using the “In” button, so it always lets the data through. In Auto mode, it only does that if the track is armed for recording. See Routing and I/O — Ableton Reference Manual Version 11 | Ableton

Hm, OK, I will do some experimenting and maybe things will become clearer. Thanks again for the help :blush:

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