Bank Select / Program Change Remap

Hi All!
I’m currently developing a simple Bank Select (MIDI CC 0 & 32) and Program Change remap patch for a blind friend. He want’s to use Korg RK-100 to select patches on his Roland Integra 7, however the keytar doesn’t have editable PC messages so it only spits out PC from 0 to 199.
The patch I came up with has 4 transformations per individual PC which is not very elegant. I’ve seen others tried different methods (e.g. to transform via Note On events), but there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to do this.

Now the feature request I would like to propose is to have a editable “map” of the Bank Select & Program Changes.
For example the user could setup the following pair:
“CC#0 = 1 / CC#32 = 1 / PC = 1” → “CC#0 = 5 / CC#32 = 6 / PC = 7”
When Midihub receives the respective CC/PC combination it will transform it to the new CC/PC combination.
In some sense this replaces if-logic and transformations that would be otherwise needed.
This can be hard-coded to CC#0, CC#32 and PC, since most of the hardware uses these messages to select programs/patches.

Hope this makes sense! Let me know in case of questions :slight_smile:

(re the original problem rather than the Feature Request:)
Depending on what patterns exist between inputs and outputs it is sometimes possible to use different strategies to map available inputs to desired outputs

Perhaps you could post your patch so that we can see more specifically what inputs you intended to produce what outputs.
(These are not clear, at least to me, from your first post.)

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