Banana Pi/Orange Pi installation

Do you think it’s possible to install Patchbox OS on Orange Pi or Banana Pi? They’re a lot cheaper than raspberry but I’m afraid they would not work as expected as their drivers could not be available on Patchbox.

It probably won’t work at all, there’s nothing specific to those systems on the image, so I doubt they would boot at all.

The patchbox-os-gen is based on pi-gen which is used to build the official Raspberry Pi OS images. Feel free to fork our repositories and customize them as necessary to make it run on more systems. :slight_smile:

I am curious: Are there reasons other than price to use banana/orange Pi?

It would require to build a custom patchbox-os image from a general Debian or armbian distribution. It can be definitely done, but will require some time and effort depending on how the patchbox-os build system works and how quickly it can be applied to and armbian image. I would be interested on that as well, as if we manage to develop a build system for armbian we do not only gain orange pi zero but a whole set of boards that are alternative and better performing than raspberry.