Backing up modep

I’m new around here and I’m using MODEP on a pi-stomp.
As I’ve been tinkering a lot a felt the need to have a system to backup my pedalboards easily.
That’s why I’ve made a flexible script that uses TAR to make incremental backups of anything that might be relevant. Example list of file to backup is build for the pi-stomp, but most of it applies to a regular MODEP install.
You can find it here:
It’s nothing fancy and I wouldn’t recommand it for full system backup. For that, go for Borgbackup or backup2l.
This script was designed to make a fast backup directly on the SD card, to a NAS or to a cloud storage such as Nextcloud.
On my configuration, I’ve set it up so it it make a backup on shutdown and unless you’ve modified all of your 143 pedalboards, it only takes a second or so.

Feedbacks appreciated.

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