AxeFX II midi conversion project

Just to comment on the ease of the Midiboy build and setup , the quality of the examples:
i was within 2 evenings able to have a working sketch and device that did part of the needed midi conversions, functioning in my rig (using beeps to communicate).

I have now finished the Sketch including everything but the display and menu control.
(Will finish when the new display arrives)
The project is about having a device in between my AxeFx and other older midi equipment, that converts AxeFX midi scene commands into something usefull on the other equipment.

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I have uploaded v0.9. to the patch storage. In terms of functionality it is finished. I expect some bugs will pop-up, and some code cleaning will be done, resulting in v1.0.


  • intercepting sysex commands from AxeFX II directly to select scenes. Currently it reacts to your pedal (MFC) pedalboard only.
  • sysex dump of all “specific scene presets” you have manually entered.
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