Auto stream to icecast

Hi there,
I am a dj at, and I am trying to find a way to auto stream to icecast server. I want to do a headless streaming so I don’t need to sit in front of the computer when I do.

I assume I can setup a script that would be launched when I press the button so that I can make it simple for the setup, and it won’t launch automatically when I boot the computer. That wouldn’t be a bad way to autostart, but might as well use the button.

Now I am not too sure what could be done to stream to icecast from the command like. I read that ‘Butt’ can be run headless, with some X magic, but I know that mpd could also be setup for that. Although it seems on the heavy side of setup.

Is there a tool to stream directly to icecast in patchbox ?