Audio to MIDI convertion

Hello, I’m new in Pisound world, I found it an amazing thing.

I’m using MODEP with my guitar and I was wondering if is there a way to convert the audio signal to MIDI so it can be used to sinth another instrument like a violin or a saxophone, etc…

Does anybody knows something about it! I’ll appreciate any direction.


Disclaimer: I have not used these products. These two seem to be market leaders:

I can’t find any open source projects worth mentioning on github. There are traces of attempts to do it, but no one appears to have got live guitar working, and all attempts stopped years ago.

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Hi, thank you, those seem to be amazing software but unfortunately doesn’t run on Linux.
In my research I found Rakarrack, and open source software that has a tool to convert audio signal into MIDI signal but it only works for single notes since it uses a monophonic conversor.

Now I’m searching the way to convert audio signal to polyphonic MIDI.

One of the founders of Migic published this a while back. It supposedly includes a form of the same engine used by Migic. And it runs on RPi.

The only problem is it’s vaporware - there’s nothing that is usable unless you are him. But it could mean that something will be released by Migic themselves at some point. Perhaps a less powerful version of the software that runs their current products.

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Looks like all the magic is hidden in this call to their proprietary library :slight_smile:

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Looks like we got stuck again ultil could find a way to convert the audio signal to polyphonic MIDI.

I found this amazing project but it doen’t run on Raspberry since it uses then python library scikit-learn and it seems to use some Intel processor functions.