Audio spectrum analyzer in Qt/Qwt

Hi all,

I have created a simple audio spectrum analyzer in Qt/Qwt with the help of the Pisound board.
You can find the software and documentation here:
Hope someone will find it useful.



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Looks good!

Btw, I think it’d be easier for others to try it out if you’d provide a sudo apt install ... line to get all the dependencies sorted out, something like the libqt5-core-dev package (this name is from memory though! but gives the idea :slight_smile: )

Hi Gidrius,
unfortunately I have done quite some other stuff in parallel to this work where I had to install many different packages. So I cannot recapitulate any more, what is necessary as a minimum for this project. For sure Qt/Qwt/Portaudio. If I remember correctly Qwt had to be installed in source code form.
Sorry for that.