[Ask for Community] Care to review Pisound or Midihub?

Good day, everyone!

Today I am reaching out to you guys with a small request.

From time to time, we are receiving messages from you asking if we have a dedicated place for customers to leave a review on Pisound or Midihub. We would usually share the community forum link and the more extensive Google feedback form, but finally, we have added a proper rating system to our web store. The new system will serve as a more accessible feedback channel for you and a social proof mechanism for future Pisound and Midihub owners.

So, here I am asking for your help to kick off our reviews section.

You can leave a review on Midihub here - Midihub – Blokas
And here on Pisound - Pisound – Blokas

The ratings will be visible on product pages once the first ten reviews get submitted.

Thank you in advance and if you have any suggestions on improving the rating system or our feedback mechanism in general, let us know!


I just tried to submit my review and got an error stating page not found.

Can you provide any additional info? The browser you are using, the exact URL you were redirected to? We can’t seem to reproduce the issue.

Well I was able to reproduce and couldn’t grab the screenshot before I was redirected. I tried again and it went through. I’m using Chrome on a Google Pixel.