Arp U&D pattern scanning strangeness

Sorry not sure where to post this, but starting to dig into the arpeggiator (the main reason I got the MidiHub) I’ve noticed what I’d consider non-standard (and in that sense wrong) ordering of the arpeggiated notes.

The issue comes using the Up & Down patterns (any variation thereof) over multiple octaves:

When set to multiple octaves, the pattern is repeated both partly up AND down before moving to the next octave.

What I’d expect (and standard behaviour across the board) is for only the Up section to play before moving Up an octave, and only the Down section to repeat before moving down an octave.

So if for example the notes played were C2 E2 and G2 with the arp set to 3 octaves U&D I’d expect

C2 E2 G2, C3 E3 G3, C4 E4 G4 E4 C4, G3 E3 C3, G2 E2 - repeat to beginning (commas to denote octave shifts). This is how the arp on my nord leads (and all other synths I can think of) works.

whereas what I’m getting is

C2 [[ E2 G2 E2 C2, E3 G3 E3 C3, E4 G4 E4 C4 - repeat to [[

This doesn’t in any sense represent a standard or usable arp pattern, and isn’t something that can be solved by cunning use of pipes.

I can explain in more detail to the Mastermind if required! :slight_smile:

In good news though, the Sustain works properly (and in fact is super flexible!) and I’m managing to map the arp controls etc to the Akai LPD8 really effectively. I will share patches once I have it working to my satisfaction :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: