Arp Shuffle mode ( different from Random )

I would love to see a Shuffle mode added to the Arp. It’s different from Random because you can often have the same note in a series repeated multiple time, vs a shuffle that would just changes the order of the notes and only reshuffles once the note buffer is exhausted or changed.

input: ABCD
random output: AACA BADD CBAD CCCD
shuffle output: ACBD DACB CDAB ADBC

Good idea, noting this down in our todo :slight_smile:


I made the mythical TODO :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


wouldn’t it be then possible to add a mode to the arp pipe, users could set up by filling themselves the notes order and length they want with gate possibilities too ( blanks ) up to, let’s say 5 notes triggered?
Or add an option to the harmonizer pipe letting the user insert gates ( blanks ) ?
The point would be for exemple to use the harmonic generated notes in patterns more easily and freely. :+1:

I’d look at the Blofeld and MicroMonsta manuals as interesting examples of programmable Arp patterns.

I guess my proposal matches with the intelligent timing arp thread :wink:

Olivier, Axoloti ( pure data like modules like MidiHub pipes, with user tables used for arp patterns ), WT-01 ( dual arp with possibilities of setting gate and effects on choosen patterns ), HyperCyclic or Blue Arp are good examples as well :+1: