ARP randomly freezes playing notes, does not restart

An issue I’m experiencing frequently, but unpredictably, is that the Arp node will simply stop playing notes. I’ve got my Keystep coming in MIDI IN A and it goes to a virtual bus A. Clock goes to virtual A at 120bpm. I’ve got a Crave on MIDI ch 6 listening on MIDI OUT A.

I hold down a key on my Keystep and as configured the arp kicks off and starts to output the correct notes which play on my Crave. But then it just…stops. Some times it will slow down and stop, other times it just halts. Some times it starts back up again itself, other times it will output a note, freeze again, output another note.

If I take my finger off the held key and press again the arp will restart.

Arp settings have the octave Range and Repetitions mapped to an external controller. But I’m not touching the controller while I have my finger on the key.

It’s very confusing as I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything set up right here but can’t make any progress.


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Interesting, so you press just a single key to reproduce? How long does it take before the issue occurs?

Yes I press a single key and it occurs. Sometimes it happens within a few seconds, sometimes it can play for a minute and then occur. But it will occur eventually. It means I can’t do any experiments with arps as they stop working.

I’ve only got one cable into MIDI IN A from the Keystep, and one cable out to my synth from MIDI OUT A.

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Ok, we’ll look into it, thank you for the report. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’ve tried to reproduce the arp issue, but so far it seems to be running ok. One idea I have - what if the realtime messages, like clock, are also coming in from the ‘A’ input? I’d suggest placing a Filter pipe in between From MIDI A and To Virtual A pipes, keeping only Note On and Note Off events.

Great idea - I put a filter in place and removed everything except note on/off and that seems to have fixed it. I’ll test some more but for now I’m good. Thanks!

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